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July 28, 2017

Five Favorites of Summer

Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico meant that I was instantly a beach baby. I thought everyone’s beach was like mine: white sand and emerald coastlines. Now that I am a city girl, I don’t always get to spend every day on the water, but you better believe that I try to feel like a surfer girl even in the concrete jungle. Here are five of my favorite products that I like to use all summer long.

Sun Bum

I am all about using sun screen to protect my skin, and this brand is my favorite! It smells incredible and keeps me from being burned from a long day on the beach. It’s waterproof, so I can stay in the water for about an hour without having to reapply. And the company’s mascot is a monkey (how cute is that?!)

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Sol De Janiero

I just discovered this brand, and I am its biggest fan. Seriously. This company is unreal, and I use their products every day. The body spray and lotion literally smell like vanilla and coconuts. And the product use natural ingredients and no animal testing (I love furry friends).

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Essie Nail Polish

Essie is my fav.  And Minimalistic is my favorite nail color. Hands down. I actually use it all year long (gotta have that pink mani). I have tried so many shades on pink, and they always look too sheer, too bland, or too bright. But Essie has it right with this one.

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Solar Recovery

This product changed the game for me and the sun. I use this spray after every trip to the beach. If I think I have had too much sun, I spray this and I will not look like a lobster the next day. The brand uses lavender and other oils that keep my skin from peeling. I have been in the sun for way too long in the past, but after spraying this on my sun burn, I have never peeled once. Ever. It is like a miracle worker in liquid form.

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Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara


Y’all, I have used many mascaras, but this one is so good. The wide brush makes it easy to layer and never clumps. It’s not waterproof, but I can wear this swimming and not have black under-eye. It is on the expensive side on the mascara market, but I have found that it lasts and worth the value.

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xoxo, allison

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