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November 2, 2017

The Greece Diaries: Four Things to Do in Santorini

As some of y’all have followed, I traveled to Greece last fall for my first trip to Europe. And I can’t believe it has already been a year?! I’ve already posted about my time in Athens (see here) and Mykonos (and here), but I haven’t shared any pics from my stay in Santorini. We spent most of our time in Oia, which is best known for its sunsets and blue dome architecture. This town is pure magic and deserves a place on everyone’s travel list. Here are four things you must do if you have some time on the island.

Stay at Andronis Luxury Suites

We stayed at the gorgeous Andronis Luxury Suites, which was unlike any hotel I have ever seen. The rooms are carved into the side of the rock, making each suite a small cave.

The staff was incredible. Honestly, they are possibly the nicest people on the planet. The front desk knew we had an early flight on our last day, so they made sure we had room service ready at 3am. 3 AM Y’ALL.

Explore the streets of town

The architecture is stunning in Santorini. From the blue domes to the sea of white- washed residences, the history is flowing through the winding streets of the town.

What I love most about the island is its view of the water. Unlike Mykonos, Santorini is perched high above the sea as a result of a volcano eruption years ago.

Watch the sunset

Some people say the best sunsets in the world are found in Santorini. I don’t know if that’s true, but I can say that they would stop me in my tracks any day.

Hundreds of people gather to the edge of Oia and watch the sun go down over the horizon. It never disappoints, and there is always an applause after the show.

Take a catamaran tour around the island

This was by far my favorite experience of the entire trip. The four-hour cruise skirted us around Santorini and into the Aegean Sea.  

We visited some hot springs, which are still heated by the volcanic activity in the area.

Some of the best views of the town were from the water. Not much compares to sunset on a boat.

Santorini was the perfect farewell to our trip in Greece. I loved every second of our vacay, and I cannot wait to head back to the islands again.

xoxo, allison


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