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August 27, 2018

Indy – Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tour

First of all, how was Indianapolis four months ago?! I can’t believe all the places I have visited since the beginning of the summer. Indy was a complete surprise to me, and I actually loved the city. Downtown is charming, full of new restaurants and a Whole Foods (I remember cities based off WHM and I wish I was joking), and the White River State Park is such a cute way to spend the day surrounded by lots of grass, dogs, and the riverwalk. During our three week stay, Terry Lingner from NBC Sports offered our company a tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

And I geeked out.

I don’t watch races often, but I was born and raised around the sport. My grandfather loves racing, and before I could count, I knew the significance of number 3. Even my cousins were pit crew for Dale Earnhardt, and Jr. For our tour, we thought we were going to sit in the stands and watch a qualifying race for the Indycar Grand Prix. Which would have been super fun. But Terry drove us through the gate onto the race grounds and walked us up into the Pagoda. And it instantly became one of my favorite experiences on the road. Here are some moments from the day.


The Pagoda. Home of the best mac n’ cheese I’ve ever had.

I’m actually not joking.

The view from the top of the pagoda is so pretty. I had no idea how large the track was until I looked down from a few stories up.

I sent this picture to my friend who is a huge fan of The Bachelor…

…and within five minutes we actually met Arie Luyendyk, Sr. He is a two-time Indy 500 winner (and dad of the infamous Bachelor Arie :))

 The control room where they make all the calls for national broadcasting.

I gained so much respect for the amount of science, math, and skill put into the sport. The aerodynamics of the car and how the temperature of the pavement and tires affects each turn blows my mind.

After you win the race, you kiss the brick.

So we did.

The Winner’s Circle.

 This was such an incredible day, and I am so thankful for Terry and NBC Sports for the opportunity.


xoxo, allison

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