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December 1, 2018

A Month in San Diego

Hey y’all! I just made it to Los Angeles after spending a month in San Diego. I had no idea I would fall in love with that city. The weather, the sunsets, and the water are such game-changers when you are surrounded by them every day. And it was the month of November?! So many good memories from here, and I can’t wait to go back. These are some of highlights from the city.

Torrey Pines is kinda magical. It’s one of the places where I would drive to on days off and sit for a few minutes by the water.

Sometimes you can see hang gliders flying off the cliffs.

Our friend Jeff’s sweet mom participated in the Susan B. Komen 60 Mile Walk. On the first day, their halfway mark was in La Jolla, so we met her at Kellogg Park along the beach.

Dancing is always involved.

Let’s talk food.

I love Mexican food, and everyone says Old Town is the place to go. These are avocado enchiladas from Casa Guadalajara.

This fried goodness is from Crack Shack. It was my first time trying Chicken Oysters…a little bizarre, but they were incredibly good. AND THESE FRIES.

My favorite brunch spot in San Diego.

Acai bowl dreams…

Afters is a California ice cream shop…

…with ice cream doughnut sandwiches called Milky Buns.

I lived about a mile from here, and I visited every other day. So many cute places to shop, especially one of my new favorite stores called Pigment.

Oh, I still think about this coffee. The Best Drink Ever lives up to its name.

Too cute.

I will find matcha in every city, so Holy Matcha in North Park was a sure stop for me.

For those that have followed along for a while here on the blog and insta, I LOVE Cha Cha Matcha in NYC. I post about it every time I go back to the city. Holy Matcha is almost identical to the interior of Cha Cha, so it’s basically the West Coast version.

This was my drive to work every day.

*heart eyes*

My bestie Catherine lived here for a few months, and, of course, I trust her with my hair. She said this salon was amazing, and they didn’t disappoint. I visited twice for color and cut because I loved Christina so much.

We had Thanksgiving Dinner on the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

The harbor is gorgeous and full of naval history. Of course my favorite part of the waterway is the famous  Kissing Statue on San Diego Bay.

Sunset Cliffs was the perfect place to end Thanksgiving Day, full of gratefulness and full of turkey.


Thank you for the best time San Diego!


xoxo, Allison













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