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The Greece Diaries: Four Things to Do in Santorini

November 2, 2017


As some of y’all have followed, I traveled to Greece last fall for my first trip to Europe. And I can’t believe it has already been a year?! I’ve already posted about my time in Athens (see here) and Mykonos (and here), but I haven’t shared any pics from my stay in Santorini. We spent […]

Behind the Scenes – Cincinnati Zoo

September 27, 2017


Sometimes my days off consist of sleeping, eating cheddar bunnies, Netflix, and then eating again (preferably cheddar bunnies). And sometimes my days off turn into playing with animals behind the gates of the zoo. Our friend Mike Dulaney from the Cincinnati Zoo let us tag along for an amazing tour behind the scenes of the […]

Seven Favorite Treats in NYC

August 23, 2017


For the past twelve weeks, I have been working in gorgeous Boston and Philadelphia. I love both of these cities, but the best part about being in the Northeast is being close to New York City. On most of my days off, I find myself taking the train to the City to visit with friends…and […]

Five Favorites of Summer

July 28, 2017


Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico meant that I was instantly a beach baby. I thought everyone’s beach was like mine: white sand and emerald coastlines. Now that I am a city girl, I don’t always get to spend every day on the water, but you better believe that I try to feel like […]

Ten Places to Visit in San Francisco

June 23, 2017


Traveling on a national tour has taken me to some of the most gorgeous cities in America. After working in Costa Mesa, California, for three weeks, I landed in San Francisco for a six week stay. Being my first time in Northern California, I didn’t really know what to expect. But after spending time in […]

The Greece Diaries: 24 Hours in Athens

June 2, 2017


As some of you know, I ventured to Greece for the first time this past fall. I was super excited about spending time on the beach (see Mykonos post here), but Athens seemed like a perfect overnight stop-over. I mean, when do you get the chance to stay in one of the oldest cities in the […]

Seven Things to Do in Minneapolis

May 24, 2017


For the past five weeks, I have been living in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, while performing at the Orpheum Theatre. This city took me by surprise with its activities and gorgeous scenery. Here are seven things you must do while visiting the Twin Cities area. Mall of America Ok, I know this is the most cliche idea (and, […]

Just Wait

May 16, 2017


When I was in senior in college, I was beyond excited to move to NYC and start auditioning.  I would sometimes take a midnight bus from Boston after rehearsal just to have a chance to be seen at an audition in the City the next morning. (Maybe not the safest and smartest decisions I have ever […]

A Day in San Diego

May 5, 2017


While working in Costa Mesa, California, for three weeks, I had about eight hours to drive to San Diego and spend time in this coastal city, I had heard for years that this place was stunning, but this town exceeded my expectations. Here are some places you must visit in San Diego if you only […]

The Greece Diaries: Five Things to Do in Mykonos

April 28, 2017


A few months ago, I took a girls’ trip with my some of my best gals to Greece. Our second stop from Athens was Mykonos, and, of course, it was nothing short of magical. Here are five things you must do in this gorgeous town that will have you living all of your Mamma Mia dreams.