As Glinda, Bailey’s vocals were brilliant and shimmering with a lovely coloratura. Suskauer’s powerful and emotional dramatic soprano for Elphaba provided an appropriate counterbalance. The two make an exquisitely mellifluous pair in several numbers, notably Act One’s finale “Defying Gravity” and the show’s remarkable 11th hour number “For Good.” - WYES-TV Theatre Critic, New Orleans


Allison Bailey as Glinda was brilliant. I cannot properly review this show without noting her performance in "Popular." Bailey was hysterical and did right by the character in that scene. Audiences truly watched as the self-absorbed, ditzy, blonde girl became a kind and compassionate good witch who truly cared for a girl who was different from everyone else. - BroadwayWorld, Jacksonville

The chemistry between Talia Suskauer as Elphaba and Allison Bailey as Glinda was so genuine that you never doubt for a second that they are as close as sisters.I would tell anyone seeing them to remember their names because they both will undoubtedly be stars on Broadway. - BroadwayWorld, Little Rock

“No One Mourns The Wicked” is a shining accomplishment for Bailey as not only does this number set the bar extremely high for her vocal capabilities but it also establishes what kind of a Glinda she is going to be? A good Glinda? Most certainly; though the word wonderful, not exclusive to The Wizard, seems more apropos. - TheatreBloom, Baltimore

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